Al Lemmo is Principled, Compassionate, and Committed!

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Al Lemmo is Principled, Compassionate, and Committed!

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Meet Al Lemmo

Al is a retired mechanical engineer with 35-years of service
in government and private industry, including 30 years with the
United States Army at the Tank Arsenal in Warren and as a
safety research engineer with Ford Motor Company in Dearborn.

He is a devoted Christian who believes fervently that the lives of
prenatal children matter. Al is also a passionate defender of our
United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and he believes that
our government has strayed far from what our Founding Fathers
originally intended for the government’s role in our lives.

Recent Endorsements

Ted Nugent Official Endorsement Al LemmoI know real Michigan, I love real Michigan, and it’s time we resuscitate this great state by voting for Al Lemmo to represent real Michigan in the US Congress.

Rashida Tlaib epitomizes everything wrong with Michigan and America, and it’s time to clean house. Real Michigan, are you there?”  –Ted Nugent

During a recent interview Victoria stated “We have a real chance with Al Lemmo. Defeating Rashida Tlaib should be priority number one this election cycle.” Victoria also offered the campaign the following rally chant. “Rashida has to go! We want Lemmo!

Paul VallelyAl Lemmo and his team have prepared a healthcare plan that will win the support of the United Auto Workers – a very large part of the workforce of this district.

It will be the first time in decades that this powerful union will have the opportunity to support a great Patriot that will represent all the great values of Americans. Get behind Al now and support his candidacy. It will a proud moment for Michigan citizens when he defeats Rashida Tlaib. –Paul Vallely

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