VOTE FOR AL LEMMO ON AUGUST 4!Republican, Al Lemmo
is Principled, Compassionate,
and Committed!

Al is running to defeat radical Rashida Tlaib
in Michigan's 13th Congressional District.

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Republican, Al Lemmo is Principled, Compassionate, and Committed!

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Meet Al Lemmo

Al Lemmo is a retired mechanical engineer with 35-years of service in government and private industry, including 30 years with the United States Army at the Tank Arsenal in Warren and as a safety research engineer with Ford Motor Company in Dearborn.

He is a devoted Christian who believes fervently that the lives of prenatal children matter. Al is also a passionate defender of our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and he believes that our government has strayed far from what our Founding Fathers originally intended for the government’s role in our lives.

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Al Lemmo has been endorsed by Motor City Rock Star Legend and 2A Advocate, Mr. Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent Official Endorsement Al Lemmo

I know real Michigan, I love real Michigan, and it’s time we resuscitate this great state by voting for Al Lemmo to represent real Michigan in the US Congress.

Rashida Tlaib epitomizes everything wrong with Michigan and America, and it’s time to clean house. Real Michigan, are you there?” 
–Ted Nugent

Click the play button below to listen to Ted’s endorsement.

WATCH America's Voice News interview with Ted Nugent and Al Lemmo

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@lemmotocongress - 13 hours

My opponent (The Dude) just got caught red handed with my campaign signs in the back of his vehicle.…

@lemmotocongress - 20 hours

RT : The Chinese Communist Party is running espionage operations inside the United States and attempting deep-influence targeting…

@lemmotocongress - 20 hours

You're absolutely right, There really is NO GOOD Reason for the U.S. to not have a national #VoterID…

@lemmotocongress - 21 hours

Attention Michigan’s 13th district, be sure to vote for Al Lemmo for Congress this Tuesday August 4th. I will def…

@lemmotocongress - 1 day

The left will do everything in their power to keep America closed for business & open for rioting! We can't let thi…

@lemmotocongress - 1 day

Good for you, Myndi! I admire your courage and patriotism! I'm sure President would be proud too!…

@lemmotocongress - 2 days

RT : There is no place in our Congress for Socialists! Rashida Tlaib, in Michigan's 13th Congressional District, has got to go!…

@lemmotocongress - 2 days

Out today with Team Lemmo putting up signs and knocking on doors. We received tons of positive feedback from consti…

@lemmotocongress - 2 days

and would facilitate a complete annihilation of the Constitutional America we all love! Pres…

@lemmotocongress - 2 days

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@lemmotocongress - 2 days

Please visit my website to learn more about me, and where I stand on all the issues. Thank you in advance for your…

@lemmotocongress - 2 days

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