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February 1, 2020

Dearborn, Michigan Congressional candidate Al Lemmo is quietly building momentum in what will most assuredly become a major national campaign for Michigan’s 13th Congressional seat in the House of Representatives. 

Yesterday, Lemmo snared one of any Republican candidate’s most coveted endorsements. The “Motor City Madman” hard-rocking superstar Ted Nugent endorsed Al Lemmor for Congress against the American and Israel hating Rashida Tlaib who is the incumbent. Nugent, known for his fierce defense of the 2nd Amendment as well as being an NRA (National Rifle Association) board member endorsed Lemmo for both his conservative positions as well as Lemmo’s firm stance on preserving our precious second amendment rights as American citizens.

Mr. Nugent posted this statement;  I know real Michigan, I love real Michigan, and it’s time we resuscitate this great state by voting for Al Lemmo to represent real Michigan in the US Congress. Rashida Tlaib epitomizes everything wrong with Michigan and America, and it’s time to clean house. Real Michigan, are you there?   –Ted Nugent      

I have to believe that this district and America wants to be rid of Rashida Tlaib. To say that Rashida is toxic for Michigan and Congress would be a gross understatement. She is vile, curses worse than any sailor ever did, and is a pure racist. This doesn’t include the fact that she has accepted money from Hamas supporters, and her family (or most of them) belong to this organization.

Al Lemmo and his team have already put together healthcare plans that should win over the UAW (United Auto Workers) which is a very large part of the workforce in this district. It would be the first time in decades that this very powerful union has supported a Republican but it now appears that this might just be the case. 

In addition to the Motor City Madman’s endorsement, Mr. Lemmo has also garnered General Paul Vallely’s endorsement, several Hollywood actors and actresses, and even some “walk-away” African American endorsements. I’m told those will be posted shortly on his website. 

I would encourage all of you to chip into this very winnable race. We can all afford $20, and this is a race that the Democrats will pour millions into. I’m pretty sure Al needs all our help. You can donate today by visiting ( 

Al is about to begin a “listening tour” of the concerns of the district and he encourages everyone to read his website daily for locations. You can also request him to speak by clicking on the tab on the website. (

Let’s rid America of this menace patriots. Do send Al a donation to send this very unpatriotic Congresswoman home. 

By Ken Crow
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