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February 16, 2020

Special Operations Speaks Endorses Al Lemmo in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District

Special Operations Speaks® seeks out qualified veterans for service in public office.  When appropriate, we recognize and endorse first-time candidates who we believe ‘have the makings’ of a winner who we believe will contribute good judgment, loyalty to the US Constitution, and follow the tenets of Duty, Honor, Country when in public office.

We’ve recently become aware of Mr. Al Lemmo, a mechanical engineer with more than thirty-years of US Government service and industrial automotive industry experience.   He helped develop the most advanced in armored combat systems to our US Army and US Marine Corps ground forces. These are systems that can turn the tide of battle for our forces, whether on the plains of Poland or even in the fierce and personal fighting spaces of places like Fallujah.  

Mr. Lemmo falls into that category of competent, and dedicated military servant, whose demonstrated problem solving and understanding of the US Constitution may constructively be redirected to the political and cultural close combat of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, a district that has been sullied going on two years by the incumbent US Representative and jihadi, US Representative Rashida Tlaib.  Taking the oath of office on the Quran, followed by her unprintable epithets directed at our US President and the American people, set the tone for her two-year, counter-productive and spite-filled hatred attack on America. This woman, who has wasted America’s time, is a blot on our Congressional history and must be replaced by a true American. 

Al Lemmo is that American.  He offers decades of disciplined, constructive thought and practical problem solving, along with unflagging patriotism.  He offers a new and shining light, breaking through the decades-long political and cultural darkness of the Democrat 13th Congressional District.  He brings a new and refreshing willingness to work to build rather than to degrade his district. 

Special Operations Speaks® urges American Patriots of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District to rally around Al Lemmo’s patriotism, talents, energy, and dedication.  Give your district hope in the future. Give Al Lemmo your vote. 

Richard F. Brauer
Colonel, US Air Force Air Commando (Retired)

Kenneth J. Benway
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Special Forces (Retired)

David A. Miller
Sergeant First Class, US Army Special Forces (Retired)

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