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March 12, 2020


Fellow Michiganders and Americans; Last night’s address by President Trump pretty much said it all. The sad truth is, we have a virus running rampant and unfortunately, it is both dangerous and has been proven to be deadly.

The Lemmo to Congress campaign is very cognizant of the dangers of this virus, and to adhere to both safety protocol by the CDC and the administration, our campaign is going to take a little time off the campaign trail. We will, however, keep campaigning, only we are altering our method of doing so.

Beginning Tuesday, March the 17th at 8:00-9:00 PM Eastern Time, we will be holding a “virtual town hall” meeting on Facebook live. You will be able to chime in with your thoughts, questions, praises, prayers and concerns on a wide variety of topics.

Our campaign manager Dawn Dodge will be taking your questions and thoughts in the comments section, then passing them on, and I will endeavor to answer all your questions. We will continue these events for as long as it takes every Monday night until the threat of this pandemic subsides.

I would ask that we all pray for our citizens, pray for our leadership as they fight to contain this grave threat to our nation, and we should all pray for the victims and their families who have contracted this virus. God Bless each of you and I look forward to visiting Tuesday evening

– Al Lemmo, Candidate for United States Congress Michigan’s 13 District
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