May we never tire of striving to become our best selves!

— Al Lemmo

Meet Al Lemmo

Al is a retired mechanical engineer with 35-years of service
in government and private industry, including 30 years with the
United States Army at the Tank Arsenal in Warren and as a
safety research engineer with Ford Motor Company in Dearborn.

He is a devoted Christian who believes fervently that the lives of
prenatal children matter. Al is also a passionate defender of our
United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and he believes that
our government has strayed far from what our Founding Fathers
originally intended for the government’s role in our lives.

So Why Al and Can It Be Done?

The sad truth is, the Detroit metropolitan area has been
managed by liberal Democrats since January of 1949. Democrats
have controlled the Mayoral positions, Congressional Positions,
and, more often than not, the Governor’s mansion and the United
States Senate seats as well.

Al Lemmo’s experience within private industry and the United States
Army, along with his college degrees, have prepared him
to take on the task of rebuilding this once very prosperous area of
our nation. Al’s plans to work side-by-side with governmental
agencies, and his passion for “ALL THE RESIDENTS” of this
district, will bring back opportunities not seen in decades.
His plans will create opportunity, lower crime and a sense
of optimism back to this once great engine known as the Motor City.
Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the
same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

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