Build the Wall: After millions have entered our nation illegally, Al believes that our border needs to be secured. President Trump's wall is a good start. 
Legal Immigration: Al Lemmo believes that a legal immigrant can be a valuable asset to our nation. 
Illegal Immigration: Illegal immigration is just that, illegal. It is a crime and our government should handle the issue accordingly.
Red Flag Laws: Al believes that the current proposals for red-flag laws are quite possibly a constitutional infringement on our citizen's civil rights.
Gun Ownership: Al Lemmo believes there should be no restrictions for law-abiding citizens to own the firearms of their choice. 
Licensing:  Al believes that your license to concealed carry or open carry is the fact that you are a US citizen.
NATO: Al Lemmo supports President Trump's position that the United States should not have to carry the burden of European defense alone. NATO should have to assist in funding this very important defense alliance. 
North Korea: Al believes that a strong position and a firm hand are needed in dealing with North Korea. Mr. Lemmo supports the President in having talks and negotiations with this Communist nation. 
Middle East: The United States has been involved on the ground for far too long in the Middle East. We as a nation have paid a heavy price in blood and treasure and it is time to stop interceding in 5,000-year-old disagreements.
Military Strength: President Reagan's quote "peace through strength" is truer today than at any time in history. 
Military Budget: The Democrats have advertised repeatedly that they want to cut our military budget. Historically, this action has harmed our nation and emboldened our enemies. Al Lemmo is firmly behind keeping our military strength to defend our nation.
The troops: There is no greater friend to our military than Al Lemmo. He will fight fiercely to keep our troops well paid, and protect the benefits that they have been promised and earned.
Prescription Cost: Al Lemmo believes as most do that prescription costs are out of control. He will fight to get these costs lowered and more affordable. 
Hospital Cost: Along with out of control costs for prescriptions so too are hospital costs. Al believes that through free markets, these costs can be substantially lowered. 
The Uninsurable: Al has a very concise plan to ensure that citizens with conditions that force them into being uninsurable will be able to have quality healthcare at very affordable costs.
Right to Life: Al Lemmo is passionate about the rights of the unborn. He will fight to begin the process of stemming the genocide being conducted against innocent babies. 
Education: Al Lemmo believes that our education system in this nation is being hampered by the federal government's involvement. Al would return education to the states let Salina, Kansas deal with their children and not a faceless government in D. C. 
Safety: Al believes that school children will be safer if teachers are trained and armed to protect them. This will greatly enhance our schools and prevent them from becoming killing fields because of lunatics who seek harm for our precious children.
Power Grids: There is no question that our power grids in America need to be modernized and reinforced in many areas. This is also a national security issue and needs to be addressed. 

Roads and Bridges: Many bridges in our nation have not been touched in decades and are now falling into disrepair. Al believes that this issue should be addressed. By rebuilding many of our roads and bridges, this task would employ tens of thousands of workers as well. 

Airports: Many of our nation's airports are now overburdened for what they were originally intended to do in terms of air traffic. This is yet another project that would employ thousands of workers to enhance the capacities of some of our airports.
Climate Change: Al Lemmo believes that we should invest in alternative forms of energy. 
Fossil Fuels: America has a virtually unlimited supply of natural gas and oil. Al believes that these cheap forms of energy should be utilized and we should not be dependent on other nations of which many do not care for the United States. However, we should keep researching other forms of energy for the future. 
Wind and Solar: Al Lemmo is not supportive in total of building these massive wind turbines as a means of creating electricity. They are unsightly, create death traps for wildlife and birds. In addition, residents that live near them are having issues with the constant noise pollution they create.
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