History tells us that the United States of America was created and built by immigrants and their descendants who formed the greatest melting pot in human history. Legal immigration has given America some of the world’s greatest Scientists, Architects, Engineers, and Physicians. From world-renowned Artists to Musicians, America’s immigrants have left indelible impressions on our human footprint globally. Our commitment to liberty has unleashed the talents of millions whose contributions might otherwise have been lost. It is no accident that we lead the world in so many fields of human endeavor. And the world knows it and continues to beat a path to our door.
Al Lemmo believes in Legal Immigration and believes that if refugees or immigrants, persons of goodwill and sound moral character, want to contribute to this incredible human experiment, then they should be welcomed into the family of American Citizens.
Mr. Lemmo also believes that our nation must have strong border security to guard against illegal immigration, and people who want to do our country harm. He is in full support of protecting our nation’s borders.

Second Amendment
Of all of the articles and amendments in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights, none is easier to read and comprehend than the Second Amendment:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
The Second Amendment was not placed in our Bill of Rights for our citizens to be able to target practice, hunt, or shoot clay pigeons.
The Second Amendment is in place for you to be able to protect yourselves, your home, your property, and, most of all, your freedom and liberty as American citizens.
The Second Amendment is the only article in the Bill of Rights that begins with a reason for its inclusion and ends with this uncompromising clause: “… shall not be infringed.”
George Washington, the father of our country, said this: “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the
peoples’ liberty’s teeth.”
Al Lemmo will fight like to no other to protect this provision of the Bill of Rights that secures the rest of the Constitution’s benefits that we as citizens of this great nation enjoy.

Foreign Policy
The sad truth is, there are nation’s that simply do not like the United States of America.
In recent months and over the past several years, it has never been more apparent than it is now: we have enemies abroad who despise our free enterprise economy, our religion, our freedoms, our First Amendment rights and many more westernized privileges that we enjoy.
Al Lemmo believes that we should be cautious in our relations with these nations, but be willing to negotiate in good faith to have a working relationship with all nations on this beautiful and incredible planet that we share.
Al believes that no nation should be cut off from having conversations with the United States.

Healthcare for America
There is no disputing that the subject of Healthcare has been one of the most contentious topics in our nation over the past decade.
While the Constitution has no specific reference to rights regarding healthcare, the fact is, America is a wealthy and compassionate nation. Nobody wants to see our elderly, children and poor go without proper healthcare.
With that being said, the Democrats’ plans for “Medicare for All” will accomplish additional trillions of dollars worth of debt to your children’s and grandchildren’s tax burden, and will cause your taxes to skyrocket.
Al Lemmo’s approach to healthcare maximizes the advantages of our free market system which is currently hobbled by government requirements. Al rejects the so-called “single payer” approach which is a call for a government monopoly on what is covered, who provides it, how much is paid and what ethical rules apply. Al believes that monopoly is the worst form of business model and that our healthcare system should be as free of it as possible.
The truth is, competition breeds lower costs and better care. This is the way it has always been in our nation, and this is the way it will be once Al Lemmo crafts (with bi-partisan sponsorship) new legislation to be sent to the floor of Congress to be voted on.
Al Lemmo’s healthcare approach WILL NOT raise anyone’s taxes, and it will reduce the cost of healthcare. In addition, it will make every American citizen eligible for coverage.

National Defense
Never in our history has it been more evident that the United States needs a strong defense system than now.
President Reagan said it best; “ Peace through Strength.”
The “life-truth” is that when you are weak, bullies tend to take advantage.
Al Lemmo believes that the American military should have the best equipment, the best training and the best military leadership on earth. It should also have the political leadership to use these things wisely and sparingly.
Al spent thirty years as a civilian engineer with the U.S. Army, working to provide our forces with the world’s best equipment. He is a graduate of the Defense Department’s flagship course on Advanced Program Management. Nobody is a stronger supporter of our military than Al Lemmo.

It’s Time for a True Fighter
Albert Einstein once said, “ The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”
Since 1949, what is now Michigan’s 13th Congressional District has been represented by a Democrat in Washington, D. C.
Michigan, it is time for a positive change! It is time to send a Representative to Washington who cannot be corrupted and who will not sow hopelessness for political gain.
Al Lemmo has a decades long record of outreach and service to others. He is currently involved with Better Angels (, an organization dedicated to “depolarizing” America by conducting structured, civil and respectful communications. It does not require changing one’s core beliefs, only appreciating our fellow citizens. Al Lemmo believes that America is overwhelmingly a nation of people of goodwill on all sides, whose common commitment is sticking up for each other’s most basic rights.
Al Lemmo sees America as a big-hearted and generous nation with core values of life, liberty, justice, compassion, personal virtue and love of neighbor.
It is time to send someone to Capitol Hill who can unite us as a nation and WILL fight to bring a brighter future to this historically great industrial powerhouse, known as the Motor City. Detroit needs someone who can and will work with others to bring industries back to Detroit, but also to attract the industries of tomorrow, capitalizing on our talented workforce and world-class university resources. As a civilian engineer with the U.S. Army for thirty years, Al Lemmo has a strong appreciation for what this will take.

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